Ogdan Park Treasure Box Hunt  LbNA # 32676 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2007
CountyNew Hanover
LocationWilmington, NC
Planted Bytomagoochi    
Found By mdtljt
Last Found May 26 2008
Hike Distance?

After parking on the second lot on your right, (#1 lot) walk to the path to a sign that has a picture of a dog on a leash. Beyond that is a bench facing a lake, look to the left of it, and start walking on the path clock-wise around the lake. You will go across a small bridge and continue walking on the path. On your left you will walk past a picnic shelter, restrooms, and another shelter. Trudge past them and remember to occasionally gaze at the bubbling water on your right. Soon,the path will end at a T in the road. From here,make a left on the paved trail into the dark mystery woods. Soon after entering into the woods there will be a fork in the road. Dont be scared.You dont know if you should go right or left, I would think that Im rite. Go down the path past one lonely park bench on your right. At the second bench stop and sit on the leftmost side. Now, walk 15 straight paces ahead to the right side of the bridge. Bend down and look under the second railpost beside the bridge for the hidden Mystery letterbox. There will be a special treat for the first 3 people who find this box but please take only one item per find. Id love to hear your feedback on your experience on finding this box. Tomagoochi