yretemeC s'yraM tniaS  LbNA # 32689

Placed DateJun 20 2007
LocationClark, NJ
Planted Bytroop 1288    
Found By The Newlyweds
Last Found Nov 6 2009
Hike Distance?

This is a project by Girl Scout Troop 1288.

Exit Parkway at 135 towards Clark on Brant Ave. Left on Westfield Ave. Pass the AH-60 Cobra. Turn right on Madison Hill Road.

Tight left at Cemetery along side the cemetery fence down a short rough tree-lined gravel road adjacent to yretemeC s'yraM tniaS.

Drive up outside of fence in front of cemetery to the gate.

Enter cemetery through old rusty gate where at the end of the drive is a tall wooden crucifix.

Under the wooden crucifix lie the remains of priests

Stand on asphalt to left of wooden crucifix and line up Flanigan's Cross with a block of masonry at the edge of the cemetery. The box is near the remains of William C Kinny and Margaret L Hickey.

Left of masonry under the tree the box is wrapped in black plastic.

Please do not let children replace the box alone. Replace the box better than you found it. Cover it with the black plastic and leaves and dirt.