Historic Fish Hatchery  LbNA # 32719

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJul 8 2007
LocationSpearfish, SD
Found By LeTaS Swamp K
Last Found Jul 8 2016
Hike Distance?

Locate The D.C. Booth Historic Fish Hatchery in Spearfish, SD. There is a city park just before you come to the hatchery and there is lots of parking here. There is a white gazeebo type structure at the far end of the park that is the entrance to the hatchery from the park. You will soon see this structure again!

There are several bits of information you need to gather in order to find your prize. In order to find this information you need to visit the hatchery during operating hours. I can't find the hours posted on their web site ( http://www.fws.gov/dcbooth/ ) but the grounds are open sun up to sun down and the museums are open 9am-7pm all week. The museums are only open seasonally so this is a summer adventure since you need to get in to get information.

So, back to the gazeebo. From here you will enter between two ponds full of fish. There are places to buy fish food for a quarter and an underground viewing window. You can also buy larger bags of fish food in the gift shop. Take some time to feed the fish--it is fun to see them splash around fighting for the food. Your path then takes you back toward the hatchery building and museum. Look around for other things you might need later. After a turn through the museum to gather information head to the Booth House.

By now you should have been able to gather all the information you need.

Here are the things you are looking for:
The year the Booth House was built. ADD these numbers together. For example 2007 = 9
ADD to that the added together year the first fish car was built.
ADD to that the added together year the hatchery building was built.
ADD to that the number of spigots missing from the head trough.
ADD to that the number of letters in the purpose of the device with the red barrel.
ADD to that the number on the U.S. Fisheries boat.
SUBTRACT from your total the number of raceways in the valley by the ponds.

Now that you have this number...find the path without steps that leads to the observation platform that overlooks the fish ponds and go up the trail the number of steps that you just calculated. When you have taken that many steps look around for another way. Take 12 steps in that direction. Here just one step off of the path you will find a short hollow stump with your prize.

PLEASE be very careful not to damage the plant life. Only send one person from your group off the trail and try to only step in one spot. We don't want to damage the plants for the plant's sake, also so that someone else doesn't discover our secret, and so that the hatchery doesn't decide our activity is damaging.

Once you have found your prize please take it away from the spot to stamp in and make sure NO ONE is around when you retrieve it and when you rehide it. It is VERY important that no one see you with the box at the hiding spot.

Please log your find on LBNA and send me a note about your adventure. I have family in the area part of the year but this box will be an orphan most of the year. Please take care of it and help make sure it remains for many others to enjoy.

When you rehide it make sure it is COMPLETELY out of sight. Place a large rock or two on top of it down in the stump so that an animal can't take off with it.

Happy Hunting!