Sibley Letterbox  LbNA # 32746 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2007
CountyBlue Earth
LocationMankato, MN
Planted Bydutabiers    
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NOTICE:One of my friends went looking for this letterbox and found that it was missing! I'll try to re-hide it soon but right now it is not there.

Near my relatives home in West Mankato, is a place that has been around for quite awhile. Sibley Park holds many great features such as a winter Sliding Hill, a small Zoo, beautiful Gardens and many great paths and trails. Flooded by the Minnesota River in both the 50’s and 60’s, Sibley Park has changed a lot but is still the most beautiful park in the area.

Clues: To find Sibley Park, you must drive on the last remaining cobblestone street in Mankato. This street leads under a railroad trestle. After passing under the trestle, there will be a stone sign in front of you that says “Sibley Park 1885.” Stay to your right as you travel past many lovely gardens and the zoo on your left. At the stop sign, turn left and pass a long stone wall on your right. Parking is located on your left while a green sign on the right tells a bit about the park’s history. If you visit during the warm months, enjoy the lovely garden and fountain in front of you as you park.

The green sign is where the hunt really begins. Climb up the hill in front of you until you reach the second level of a field stone wall where you will find a concrete staircase. From the top of the stairs, between the two stone pillars, count 52 steps down the path straight in front of you. On your left you should see a large flat-ish rock that is shaped like a 5-petaled flower. Continue down the path for 60 more steps and a large rock will be on your right.

The letterbox is located at the base of that rock. Please return the box to the spot where you found it.

If you’d like, you can continue straight on the path and then toward the right until you see a large red gate saying “No unauthorized vehicles.” If you walk around that gate and travel a bit further, you will arrive at the top of the huge sliding hill where thousands of children and us spend time in the winter.

Any of the paths you see around will lead you down the hill – to the playground and softball fields on the north side closer to the river or back to the gardens and your car on the south side of the hill.

Enjoy the hunt!!