A Path Less Traveled  LbNA # 32750

Placed DateJun 30 2007
LocationBurgess Junction, WY
Found By luck of the irish
Last Found Jun 4 2016
Hike Distance?

Elevation 8,337 feet North 44 43.219 West 107 26.912

This box is placed in the beautiful Big Horn National Forest in Wyoming. Our family loves to camp in a nearby campground and we hope you will enjoy looking for our box as much as we did placing it. When you look for the box you may want to bring a camera as both the drive and the walk are very scenic. You are also likely to see moose, deer and marmots.

Begin at Burgess Junction. Take Highway 14 towards Shell and Greybull. You will pass a resort called on your Elk View Inn way to Primary National Forest Road 26. It has a sign on Hwy 14 that indicates the Tie Flume Campground. You will turn left and take 26 until you come to a fork in the road. Primary National Forest Road 16 will take you to the Tie Flume Campground. Drive past the campground entrance for about 1/4 mile and park in the open space before the bridge across the South Tongue River.

You will see a trail to the North (your left) that heads downstream. The trail is marked with a "no camping" sign and is gently sloping downriver. Follow this trail about 2/10 of a mile until the path forks around a large rock surrounded by several trees creating an island in the trail. Stand on this island rock and look to the West (your left) and you will see a very large, exposed boulder approximately 50 feet from you. Go and stand on that boulder. While standing on the boulder, turn to face the stream. Walk directly from this rock to the stream. As you approach the stream, turn and walk downstream about 100 feet to the highest exposed boulder. On the South side of this boulder you will see a pile of smaller rocks. The box is hidden under this pile.