hidden pond woods  LbNA # 32754

Placed DateJul 8 2007
Locationhickory hills, IL
Planted Bybacon lovers    
Found By Dreakgirl
Last Found May 30 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

Begin your search in Hickory Hills, off of 95th Street & Kean Ave.( Kean Ave is a little east of Lagrange road.) Turn North on Kean Ave and turn in the first parking area of the forest preserve called- Hidden Pond Woods (grove #1). park in the lot and look for the gravel path kinda of in the middle of the parking area.

Start on the path and notice a concrete slab on your left, keep walking and you will come to a fork in the trail- go left on the smaller path that heads towards the "A" that the branches form in the trees in the distance. * there is another fork- keep left again*

Then you will get to a gravel path, go left- keep walking for a little while and you will note a grassy area in the middle of the trail and a downed tree on the left.

Shortly, there will be a split tree stump on your right side. Turn around- and look for a pile of downed logs. You will find what you're looking for behind the head of the longest log!