Blue Jay  LbNA # 32755

Placed DateJul 6 2007
LocationMaumelle?, AR
Planted Bytree huggers    
Found By BeeKeepers
Last Found Jan 13 2008
Hike Distance?

Bring blue ink! This is a nice 10-minute walk on a paved trail with gentle inclines. There is a shortcut, so contact me if you need a route with less exertion :)

Enter Maumelle Park and turn into Camping Area C. At the top of the road's circle drive is a sign that says "Foot Traffic Only". Just follow the paved path; bear right at any forks. Walk across the playground, past the front of Pavilion C, to the rocks. At the base of one of the biggest rocks, hidden with small stones, lies your treasure.

This stamp was drawn by my mother, carved by myself, mounted on scrap wood by my uncle, and hidden by my 6-year-old daughter during our hot, rainy camping trip :) We were going to do a series called Arkansas Birds, and i've got a Scissortail Flycatcher all carved & ready but we forgot to get another container :) If anyone from the area would like to hide the stamp, please contact me -- i'd be happy to mail it to you!