Cat's Paw/Oak Leaf  LbNA # 3277

Placed DateMay 27 2002
LocationEast Granby, CT
Planted ByRubaduc      
Found By Lady Lotus
Last Found Apr 25 2015
Hike Distance?

Boatsing & Voyager 5/27/02

Location: Cowles Park
East Granby, CT

Clues: Easy
Trail: Easy - 1 steep climb on Orange trail
Length: 1.2 miles - Yellow trail
2.7 miles - Yellow/Orange combined

Directions: From I-91, North or South, take Exit 40 (Bradley Airport), Rte 20. Continue on Rte 20 until you get to the center of East Granby and intersection of Rte 187. Turn left (south) on 187 and continue 2.5 miles to Cowles Park on your right. Park in the lot provided.

From the parking lot, enter at the trail map display. You will notice on the display that there are two blazed trails looking much like a figure eight, a Yellow and an Orange trail. Check the mail box for a trail map, if there are none, no problem, the clues and trails are easy to follow. Go up the slight incline, notice the yellow blazes. At the fork take a right and follow the yellow blazed trail for a counter clockwise loop. When you come to the next fork, go left and continue to follow yellow blazed trail. Go between a broken stone wall. There will be an unblazed trail on the left. Stay on the yellow blazed trail. At the "T" you will see a bench and light green auto parts. Sit on the bench and look 100° and go to the big old oak tree. From the left side of the tree take 4 steps. Find the Cat’s Paw in the log at your feet.

From the bench. The yellow blazed trail will head to the left at about 160° (this trail is a common trail with yellow and oranges blazes) and back to your car or take the orange blazed trail at 200° to find the Oak Leaf Letterbox. This is also a loop trail. On this orange blazed trail you pass behind homes and come out on Spoonville Rd. Follow the blazes on the telephone poles to the left. You will climb a rocky incline. Continue to follow the orange blazes. When you come to a log bridge over wetlands, go 3/4 of the way across and you will find a rock circle. Behind the circle at 240° you will find the Oak Leaf letterbox. Continue on the log bridge and then onto the trail to an intersection. Go left and follow the orange blazes. When you come to the bench on your left, go right and follow the yellow blazes back to your car.