Basty Bonz  LbNA # 32781

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJul 5 2007
LocationMacon, MO
Found By Straighty Scooby
Last Found Jul 22 2008
Hike Distance?

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A *VERY* SMALL TOWN. You will be spotted for unusual activity if you do not try to conceal your activities you might lead to the boxes being discovered. Everyone knows everyone here so people will know you are from out of town. Be stealthful so the boxes will last for many to enjoy.

I'm not from around here so no one will be here to check on them or do maintenance so please be very vigilant!

Tyberius snored at Falling Leaves feet
After having A LOT to drink and a little to eat.

When Lily came by and pounced on his head
He decided he'd get out of bed.

Falling Leaves asked "Shall we be a good boy?"
As Ty flung Lily away like a toy.

Outside, he'd go, Ty agreed
And sniff to see who else had peed.

Once he found just the right spot
Remember the water? He went a lot.

"You're such a good boy" said Falling Leaves
Ty replied "A treat if you please."

"OK, boy you find it by sniffing around
See if you can guess where the basty bonz can be found"

Ty sniffed the narrow strip of grass
The across the cement he did pass.

Back to the corner by the wall retainng
For a law sniffing dog this could be training

Ty looked at Falling Leaves with sad drooping eyes
'Cuz he really really wanted his prize.

"You have to sniff it out" Falling Leaves said to him
So Ty searched on looking grim.

He sniffed and he sniffed all along the wall
When he got to a spot where out some rocks did fall.

"I found it! I found it!" Ty told Falling Leaves
"But with no opposable thumbs iI need your help please"

Falling Leaves cleared away the small stones
And discovered what Ty found with his nose.

Finders prizes fit for a dog
A a treat for his people, a log.

Take it away from this place to stamp
For this would be a strange place to camp

Beware of prying eyes from ground and roof
Try your best to remain aloof

"Thanks for the treat, Dad" Tyberius said
"Now I think I'll go back to bed"

So Falling Leaves and Ty returned to the costume shop
Where on the linoleum Ty sat with a plop.

That was a lot of work for an old dog
And in mere moments he was again sawing a log.

Falling Leaves returned the box and remaining treats
And carefully replaced ALL the rocks--no easy feat.

Once it was COMPLETELY out of sight
He thought maybe others should come by at night.

If by day you decide to try
Please beware of the cars driving by

I guess this is true even in darkness
This is a box that will take some finess.