Tribute to Mid-Moers--Clues Posted!  LbNA # 32782

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJul 5 2007
LocationMacon, MO
Found By AJMonkeyMan
Last Found Jul 10 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 20 2015

This box is a tribute to all the Mid-Moers who's great boxes I found, who found my boxes, whom I met, and from whom I learned a lot.

The clues were first sent to those who were honored in the box to give them an advantage, but am now posting them for all to enjoy.

Thanks and Happy Hunting!

A Group of Mid Mo-ers went to Macon to meet you
Fox-Fyr, ahistory, and Lnd-Crzr a few.

You met up at CMRT#1
Once you were there it was time for some fun.

You decided to walk downtown to get something to eat
But realized to get really stuffed you’d have to cross the

As you looked in the window you spotted something bizarre
next door.
And a number in the corner not quite on the floor.

You note the number to begin the score
Then extend yourself a little bit more.

Toward the setting sun for a block I advise
Turn to see a bit of a surprise

“Boy am I stuffed” said one to the rest
I can hardly bear to be the best.

You noted the number on this strange combo place
The look of confusion still on your face.

Since you don’t need to learn the art of defense
You note that number too but drop the first to make sense.

You walked on where Ben and Sherry you met
Her number you were sure to get.

After a chat you left Sherry and Ben
Starting your journey once again.

When it is nearly time again to choose
Add the tons together so none you lose

When you spy distinctive attractions
Add up her numbers, don’t use fractions.

Strangely you find yourself back where you started
From here you could walk or have yourself carted.

The road of servitude find
Then again toward the sun, if you don’t mind.

You are right to avoid the elk @ all cost.
Follow this path so you don’t get lost.

A bit like a daughter you say?
That surely can’t be the right way.

Two become one but you leave them behind
While you view the memorials please be kind.

A little tricky is the next little bit.
Figure out these and then have a sit.

On the memorial to the second world war
Locate the first year, a # of four.

Take the first two #s of that year
Reverse just those two—I hope this is clear.

The second 2 #s in that same date
Give to them the very same fate.

To crack the code you need one more
The last half of the second year completes the score.

Now use your numbers to figure out
where you should go to look about:


The second word you need to be a hero
is one nine two zero one eight five five two zero.

Now with a letterbox you have a date.

You have all you need to decipher the code
So off to this place everyone goed (gimme a break—it’s a

You see many places a box could hide.
But avoiding a tree hole this time we tried.

Hang some streamers to cover your search
If you are lucky you’ll find the box’s perch.