Red Jacket Letterbox  LbNA # 32784 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 9 2007
CountyBlue Earth
LocationMankato, MN
Planted ByGrease Monkey    
Found By Din10
Last Found Jul 0 2007
Hike Distance?

NOTICE: A friend of mine went looking for this box and it is MISSING! I'll try to re-hide one but for right now its gone.

There are many wonderful biking/hiking trails in southern Minnesota. One of my favorites – because I live very close and use it a lot – is called the Red Jacket Trail located in Mankato.

The trail begins near the YMCA and continues South into the country where you can cross the Red Jacket Trestle. It also goes by Mount Kato – our famous ski hill. The trail goes through trees and prairies and is used by lots of people every day to run, bike, stroll, or walk their dogs.

You can access the trail on many streets in West Mankato, but we will begin the hunt at the West 9th Street entrance. The entrance is located midway between Tile Street and Baker Street. You will need to head South on the trail.

Clues: Heading south for a couple blocks, you will come across a small bridge that we call “The Bumpy Bridge.” If you are riding bike, you will feel the bumping of the railroad ties that were used to create the bridge. The same effect can be achieved in a baby stroller or anything with wheels.

Once you cross this bridge, go forward a few more yards and turn right onto the gravel driveway you will see. Turn right immediately again and there will be a wood chip covered trail with a sign stating, “All Bikes Prohibited.” If you are riding your bike, you can be reasonably comfortable leaving it at the top of the trail for a short time while you find the box. We have done it many times with no problems.

This trail leads under the Bumpy Bridge. Right after you pass under the bridge, count 15 steps and to your right there will be three or four fallen trees along with some random pieces of concrete. These concrete pieces create many cubbyholes. The box is hidden in one of these holes. Be sure to poke a stick in all around before you reach to make sure all critters have vacated the premises.

Please return the box to its original spot when you are finished.

Happy hunting!!!