Blackbeard's Secret Cove  LbNA # 32786 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2007
LocationBar harbor, ME
Found By phynstar
Last Found Aug 2 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 15 2015

This letterbox is hidden in one of the most beautiful spots in all of Maine. It has a waterfall that disapears before your eyes, and rocks that sing a song of rain. It's such a treasure, you won't find it listed on most maps. If you do indeed find it, be careful to preserve it, and keep it a secret. If everyone were to find it, it would ruin the natural beauty of the place.

Look at a map of MDI. This letterbox is hidden along a long one-way road that loops around. Drive past a sandy beach, keep going...past a hole that lets you hear thunder even when the sky is clear, keep going...past cliffs and good size cove, keep going until the next, much smaller, cove. You'll know you're there when you see a stone bridge with two small areas to pull off and park to the right side of the road both before and after the small bridge. On the left you should see the top of a wooden staircase/walkway with a sign saying "Do no remove rocks from beach".

Walk down the wooden staircase...

Stand right where the waterfall disappears...

Turn to face the waterfall with the sound of the "singing rocks" and the waves at your back...

Look to Ten-o'clock...

Find a pine tree permanently twisted from hundreds of years in the wind...

Hidden well within that tree's exposed roots awaits your treasure.

After finding and re-hiding our letterbox, take the time to enjoy this hidden treasure of a beach. The best place to hear the rocks make a singing rain sound is near the far end of the beach. The large rocks on that end are fun to explore as well. During the right time, you can see big waves crashing against the rocks and even find a mini Thunder Hole.

Most importantly...LEAVE NO TRACE OF YOURSELF BEHIND AND NEVER EVER EVER REMOVE THE ROCKS FROM THE BEACH!!!!!!!! If everyone who visited took even just one rock away, we would soon have no beach left. These rocks were created by thousands of years of waves crashing against a rock cliff until it crumbled and created the cove, thousands of years of wave action shaped the boulders into small, egg shaped, rocks. Rocks like this cannot be found to be shipped in to replace what is lost each year. It's this reason it's not listed on most park maps and makes this place such a unique treasure.