Painted Letterbox  LbNA # 32788

Placed DateJul 9 2007
CountyBlue Earth
LocationMankato, MN
Planted ByMuttnik    
Found By Clann O'Duggan 2
Last Found Feb 14 2009
Hike Distance?

On Blue Earth Street in West Mankato, you’ll find an entrance to the Red Jacket Trail – a biking and hiking path leading past the YMCA for several miles to the south and connecting to the Minnesota River Trail to the north.

Clues: The trail entrance is wide open on Blue Earth Street and the hunt begins at the exceptionally large round rock – big enough for a picnic – and will continue toward the north (toward West High School and the YMCA).

Beginning with the large rock on your right side, walk north on the trail. Continue across the street to the 2nd street crossing. You are now at the corner of West 6th Street and Winona. At this point, turn slightly to your right to follow a sidewalk instead of the paved pathway. Once on the sidewalk, count 106 steps. You will see a large stone smokestack in front of you which services Mankato West High School.

On your left should be a huge rock that is painted. Walk towards it and walk around it. You will be on a paved pathway which you will turn right. Take 25 steps until you should see a path going uphill. Go about 13 steps up the path and turn left you should see fallen trees. Walk past them until you see sement poured at the end of the fallen trees. Turn left and go about 7 steps to find a clump of rocks. You will find three stones that are loose. The letter box is under them.

Please replace stones were found. Enjoy your hunt.