Veggie Tales  LbNA # 32798

Placed DateJul 8 2007
LocationWallowa, OR
Found By goldenoldie
Last Found Aug 1 2016
Hike Distance?

Veggie Tales
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Terrain Difficulty: Easy
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Number of Boxes: 3
Hand Carved Stamps: Yes
Stamp Pad/Ink: No

7/9/2010 – I visited Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Jr. Asparagus this past weekend. All three boxes are alive, dry and still in good condition. The only flaw is that Jr. Asparagus is broken in half. You are still able to stamp in with him by lining him up. Blackvelvetrav

The Veggie Tales series is planted in honor of my son attending the Cowpokes Horse Camp at the United Methodist Church Camp at Wallowa Lake. To learn more about their camps and ministries in Oregon and Idaho go to . You do not need to be a member of the United Methodist Church to attend. Veggie Tales is a charming Christian video series that is produced by the Big Idea Company for children. If you have never seen their video’s or movies you are missing some funny and silly shows with a wonderful Christian messages for kids and adults young at heart.

This series is planted along the Hells Canyon Oregon Scenic Byway. For more information on the complete Byway including a detailed map, details of the towns along the way, lodging etc.:

Directions: From Boise, Idaho take I-84 west towards Ontario. Take Exit # 261 to La Grande City Center/Elgin. Turn right on OR-82. Follow the signs.

General Notes: Watch the Mile Markers because your first box will be on the right side of the road near Mile Marker 35. The second box will be on the left side of the road near Mile Marker 39 and the last box will be at the docks at the Wallowa Lake State Park. The first two boxes are close in distance to one and other. The last box is a bit of a distance compared to the first two. All of these boxes are fast finds/drive by’s once you reach their actual locations.

Box # 1 – Bob the Tomato
Located near Mile Marker # 35 on the right hand side of the road you will see the Wallowa River Wayside State Park. This is basically a small rest stop with two outhouses, grass and a picnic table. Standing facing the outhouses turn to your left (east) and head to the grass area that is beyond the large shade tree. Standing at the mowed path contine to the east and take 64 steps or 32 paces. You will now be standing with two sets of two trees each on your right. Go to the base of the second set of two trees growing together and right where they meet there is a small hole that has been covered with bark and moss. Bob is hiding in this hole. Please re-cover well.

Box # 2 – Larry the Cucumber
Continue on OR-82 towards Mile Marker 39. On your left you will see the Wallowa River Fountain Wayside. Again this is a reststop with two outhouses, a couple of picnic tables and very marginal grass. Park and note the large bounlers that line the tiny reststop. Facing the outhouses walk to your left (northwest) and follow the boulders until you come to the last one before coming to the Hells Canyon sign. Under the back side of this large boulder hidden by smaller rocks and sticks you will find Larry hiding. Please re-hide well as this is a high traffic area.

Box # 3 – Jr. Asparagus
Return to OR-82 and continue all the way to Wallowa Lake State Park. Follow the lake around to the right and locate the docks and boat ramp. Across the parking lot from these you will see a fish cleaning station and a large shed. Inbetween the two you will see some green electrical boxes. To the right of these boxes take 8 paces or 4 steps southwest towards a pile of manmade rocks. Walk around the back. Hidden under 1 large and several smaller rocks (and one smooth river rock) you will find Jr. hiding. Again this can be a high traffic area so please re-hide well.

I typically only make it to Wallowa Lake once to twice a year. Please help in keeping these boxes secure by being discreet when locating them and taking extra care in hiding them again. On with the show!