HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy #2- Larry  LbNA # 32800 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2007
LocationMacon, GA
Planted ByWeeping Willow    
Found By cakfamily
Last Found Mar 2 2008
Hike Distance?

HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy #2- Larry

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!

Larry was spotted taking flight from his hiding spot and we thought he was gone forever. Turns out he was - HOWEVER! A clone of Larry has returned to the River Walk and is hiding in a new and hopefully more secure location, where the scientists can't find him.

Disregard the previous directions as Larry v.1 is confirmed captured and presumably DOA.

Clone Larry is located as follows (Shhhhhh! Those pesky scientists are always looking for an experiment subject!)

1. Park by the playground area.
2. Pass the playground
3. Walk over the footbridge and stay ont he Left fork in the trail, furthest from the water
4. Follow the trail and count benches along the way.
5. When you reach the 3rd bench - just after you have walked under the highway overpass - have a seat.
6. This is a BUSY area, so watch for passersby. You'll have a nice view of the water if it is up. Once you are alone, look at the highly conspicuous little brick column at the right corner of the concrete pad.
7. Muse to yourself that that would be a great marker for a cloned alien or perhaps a buried letterbox.
8. Test your theory and dig dig dig. On the backside of course, dead center of the column. It's sand - so proving or disproving your theory should be easy.

I've found that tupperware lids make excellent digging tools.

9. IF you find anything unusual - please be sure to return it to it's hiding place after proper examination and testing. PLEASE dig an extra inch from where you found it to make sure this Larry stays with us.

HAve fun and there is plenty of room for a HH or even a bonus box. I may go back and add a Bonus Box at Christmas.


Larry has come to town and discovered that he loves ducks! He found some at the River Walk (Ocmulgee Heritage Trail) and decided to move in so he could always see them.


1. Park by the playground area.
2. Pass the playground
3. Walk over the footbridge and take the Right fork in the trail, closest to the water
4. Admire the ducks and the river and have a seat on the first bench you encounter.
5. Look over your left shoulder and find a tall tree with a large hollow in the base.
6. Larry has taken up residence here. Be careful, it is very public and very busy.