Lucky Acorn  LbNA # 32810

Placed DateJul 7 2007
LocationSmith Point, TX
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This is my first letterbox to place. In the future, I think I need to do a little more research before placing one, so please bear with me. I do not think this one will last long.

Recently, my husband and I were planning a day trip to Smith Point, so I figured I could do a little letterboxing while we were there. Come to find out there were not any letterboxes placed in Smith Point, I thought I could be the first. After a little research about the history of Smith Point and Chambers County, I found this cute story and thought it was worthy of a letterbox.

The story goes that in 1864, Charles Forest Pix, grandson of Sarah Ridge Paschal Pix (a well known family in this area) planted an acorn near his home when he was 7 years old. And that this acorn grew into a large live oak that now shades Charles’ grave (he died in 1874) and is the “centerpiece” of the McNeir family cemetery.

Having been a child at one time, we have all planted something we hoped would grow, whether it was an acorn or a peach seed. The wonderful thing is the aspiration of this child has endured time and the elements to become a part of the family history. Now I thought this would be easy. I made my stamp and log book. Thought I would do a bit more research for an exact location and that was when I found out the cemetery is on private property. UUgghhh, talk about taking the wind out of my sail. So I decided to place it as close as I could, but still having some significance.


Travel to Smith Point via FM 562 just as you get into “town” there is a historical maker on the north bound side of the road. This marker is for Sarah Ridge Paschal Pix. The letterbox is at the base of the marker just to the left under some oyster shells. I tried to keep it between the two fences so that it would not be disturbed should they mow.