Seafood Platter - S  LbNA # 32814 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMichel LaBranche    
Placed DateJul 10 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Found By NanniPapawTo4
Last Found Feb 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Island Home Avenue is a great street in Knoxville because from it you can access Ijams Nature Park and several of my letterboxes. Any decent map of Knoxville will show Island Home Avenue which is close to the Tennessee River and the Downtown Island Airport.

On Island Home, you must first find a black man in a yellow square while driving west in your chariot. As you brake for him, swing into the parking lot that was built just for you and grab your stuff…you know, your stuff.

Survey the environs and hopefully you will spot some groovy rocks. Check them out and follow the black man. Ignore the two guards blocking your path! Show them who’s boss and just walk around them if you dare.

If you spot a “1/4 sign” you is lookin’ good, mama! Now what! Is this a trail that got pregnant? Up and around you go by the old rail fence which might be a good spot for a letterbox except that searchers would dismantle it looking for the box. Pass it by.

Near the top now look for a brownish device with six lateral components. If you want to rest a sec you could check this out and know you were on the right path. If your arms were six feet long, you could reach the ivy covering an ancient one.

Rested? OK, continue taking the white path 41 squares to the Invertebrate Inn. Enter and look upward at what has a total of 14 legs; when frightened it can roll up into a ball.

If you choose, you can continue on to the Ijams main building (now in sight) for restrooms and water. You can also purchase a good trail map for $1 donation to help you get around the park trails. Don't overlook the brochure rack for other freebies.

First finder receives an expensive American Flag lapel pin!