Flipper?  LbNA # 32835

Placed DateJun 30 2007
CountyNewport News city
LocationNewport News, VA
Found By The Music Makers
Last Found Jun 21 2014
Hike Distance?

My son Zachary was so intrigued by the Loggerhead turtle at the Virginia Living Museum, that I had to carve a stamp of her. She lost her front left flipper as a hatchling in Corpus Christi, Texas.

As you enter the Virginia Living Museum's parking lot, you will pass through a green gate. Park as close as you can to this gate. We put the box outside of the gate so that it can be found even when the museum is closed, although you will have to figure out where to park.

Walk out through the gate and cross the driveway to the pebbled sidewalk. Follow the sidewalk around the circle and then off to the right past a "stream". Follow the small wooden fence on the right. Walk around the end of the fence and towards the birdhouse. Spot the large pine and the small maple to its right. Near the fence and to the right of the small maple, hidden under the leaves and brush, is Flipper. She is directly across from the fifth wooden post from the end.

If you were to continue down the pebbled sidewalk, you would arrive at an elementary school. There is not a lot of cover for you when retrieving this box so please be stealthy and rehide well.