Bloody Tombstone  LbNA # 32862

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJul 11 2007
LocationMilbank, SD
Found By Optic
Last Found May 23 2008
Hike Distance?

in the cemetery in Milbank you will find quite a sight
the people are left with quite a plight

it seems thereís a tombstone on which you can see
blood on one sideóeerie, donít you agree?

some complained it is scaring the tykes
whenever they ride through on their bikes

they tried to scrub it but there it stayed
here you must startódonít be afraid

next find a couple who is only sleeping
an appointment in heaven they will be keeping

a tree stump near by is your next destination
this one involves a lot of imagination

Judsonís daughter is next to find
and then one where the name is the stone defined

now to Hilma and Alma and twelve year old end
pass by Delight, a teddy to attend

you travel to someone who hopes for life eternal
hope you donít think these clues are infernal!

turn toward the setting sun and find a place
that the color of sunshine is on the face

continue to find a couple with two for some reason
who married in í44 during the summer season

go to a name that on their family hop
next john and teresa, your next stop

find the one that wants to hinder your seeking
then to meet this in the woods youíd be freaking

the curtains draped on the corner is your next one
note her years and add it together for more fun

from the south side of her stone take that many paces
you will pass between two danielís places

you have found your destination when you look between
Eugenie and Alpheus-reach in-donít be seen

to your car you should go for stamping and such
so that no one to you will pay attention much.

when you are done be sure to be stealthy
so this box can remain a long time and healthy

be sure to cover it and hide it completely
everything you do should be done discretely

no box should suffer from improper re-hidation
lost boxes are such a point of frustration

do your part to help elongate its life
so future boxers be spared lost box strife

please be sure to let me know
how it is your search did go

on lbna use contact the placer
so as to leave a bit of a tracer