Birthday Girl Box  LbNA # 32885 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 11 2007
LocationLafayette, CO
Planted ByKitster    
Found By W S M and C
Last Found Sep 13 2008
Hike Distance?

Birthday Girl Box

UPDATE 7/13/09: It appears that this box is missing. I have moved from the area so I am unable to confirm its status. Sorry.

UPDATE 10/4/07: Everything is still there, the only difference is that there is no box, rather everything is inside a plastic bag for easier hide-ability. Happy Letterboxing!

Easy, drive-by box great for kids and dogs.

In honor of my daughter's second birthday and my newfound love of letterboxing, I placed my first letterbox at our favorite park in Lafayette!

In the box is a hand-carved stamp, pink ink pad, log book, and pen. The box is on the large side so please re-hide very well until I get a smaller box to hold everything.


Go to Autumn Ash Park in the Beacon Hill subdivision (check Google Maps for help). Walk down the stairs to the playground. Notice the rock border that separates the woodchips from the grass. Spot the large pine tree behind the tallest slide. A couple of rocks at the base of the pine tree are loose and one hides the box.

Please rehide very well using stones and woodchips since many children play here, including the birthday girl!

Updates are appreciated, Kitster