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Northwest Park  LbNA # 3290

Placed DateNov 3 2002
LocationLang Rd, Windsor, CT
Found By hunting dog
Last Found Apr 28 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 16 2015

Place: Northwest Park - Windsor, CT
Placed by: Voyageur (Carolyn & Bob)
Rated: Easy
Date: 11/3/2002

Directions to Northwest Park: Interstate 91 north to exit 38, or Interstate 91 south to exit 38A. Turn right at the bottom of the exit ramp, north on Rte 75. Go 1.2 miles and turn left on Prospect Hill Rd. Go 1 mile to a traffic circle and turn right onto Lang Rd. Go straight to the Park's parking lot on the left. Enter Northwest Park through the gates (although the gates are locked at 5:00 p.m., the Park is open from dawn to dusk) or if locked go around them. Follow the road past the Maple Sugar House and the Animal Barn to the Nature Center. The Nature Center is open Mon.-Sat. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and trail maps are available both inside and outside at the trail display. The complete trail system, in color, is also available on the Park's great web site:

Brookside Trail
Clues for Spider: Follow the lavender blazes for Brookside Trail. A culvert for a brook will be on your right. Go past the sign "False Soloman's Seal" and the two trunked oak tree. Continue to follow the lavender blazes. Find the sign "Wild Lily of the Valley", look 120 degrees to the large tree and find the "Spider" waiting for you.

Clues for Grasshopper: Continue on the Brookside Trail following the lavender blazes. When you come to the bench made from logs, walk 25 steps further, stop. On a heading of 10 degrees, walk to the large pine tree and look for the "Grasshopper" letterbox behind the tree. [Sorry, but the bench is no longer there. If you find the box, please send me updates for the clues.] Continue on the lavender trail to the road. Turn left to return to the Nature Center.

Hemlock Trail
Clues for Butterfly: From the Nature Center, take the road from the open field to begin the Bog Trail (red blazes). Begin the Bog Trail on a clockwise loop. About half way around the Bog Trail, the white blazed Hemlock Trail will intersect from the left, take the Hamlock Trail. On your left will be the Windsor/Bloomfield Landfill, which accounts for the litter along the trail. The landfill is scheduled to be closed in 2004. You will follow a chain link fence for a while, but the trail will turn away. At some point you can notice that someone began to "count" and mark trees. This will help you find what you are looking for. As the trail takes a right turn, you will see 2 red pipes and 1 black pipe sticking up from the ground. These are ground water test sites. Tree "803" is on your left, take 23 steps further. At a heading of 60 degree you should see a trible trunked tree. Take 6 steps from the trail to the "Butterfly" behind the tree.

Clues for Dragonfly: After signing in at Butterfly, continue on the white blazed Hemlock Trail. You will pass through the "modern stone wall", (chain link fence) that you walked along earlier. If you picked up a trail map at the Nature Center, you will see that the Hemlock Trail will next intersect with the blue blazed Pond Trail. Just before this intersection is a 2 trunked tree number "859", behind which is "Dragonfly". You have completed the Hemlock Trail series, and can return to the Nature Center by taking a right at this intersection on the blue blazed Pond Trail which will lead to the road to the Nature Center. Signs will direct you there.

While at Northwest Park be sure to look for "Slow Poke" planted by Tom, Debbie and Rebecca on the Bog Trail, and "My Favorite Stinky Thing" planted by RTRW on the Wetland Forest Trail.