Time for Opportunities  LbNA # 32903

OwnerJoyful Explorer    
Placed DateJul 11 2007
LocationDixon, IA
Found By lasermom
Last Found Jul 19 2009
Hike Distance?

Wapsi River Educational Center
Dixon, IA

There are quite a few hills on this hike. In addition, the trail was muddy and the mosquitoes were thick when we planted. Box 1 and 2 are micro boxes with stamps only. Box 3 has the third stamp and a log book.

Park in lot B and head toward the red bell.
Walk down the road in a NW direction.
Take first trail at 9:00.
Cross two bridges.

Box 1
After second bridge, count 17 railroad ties
Take overgrown path at 1:00.
Ahead there's a log split in the middle.
What you seek is under bark to the right.

Box 2
At main trail, continue.
At Y, take 2:00 direction.
When you arrive at a place of many opportunities, go right towards an old Scout bathroom.
Continue right at next Y and at next turn, take 3:00 path.
Walk 59 paces to a log perpendicular to the path on your right.
At 9:00, there's a pile of mossy, cut decomposing logs. Look in the center under bark.

Box 3
Continue 73 steps to a tree with a "rocket-base" half standing, half lying.
After 43 more steps, at 3:00, there's a fallen tree with its roots saluting you.
Follow the log to a 6 foot high twisted rotting stump. It has what you want.