What do you do with stale bread?  LbNA # 32917 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTai Chi and Chai Tea    
Placed DateJul 12 2007
LocationLittleton, CO
Found ByMrs Squeak
Last UpdateSep 7 2011


Littles Creek Park is at the corner of Broadway and W. Sterne Pkwy (one block south of Arapahoe) in Littleton. In the park, across the pond, there is a playground with some equipment in the shape of an old ship. Next to the playground there is a picnic table. Looking south from the table you will see a short path toward the water, ending at 5 large stones. The microbox is between the stone in the middle and the one to its right.

There is a handmade stamp and a handmade log in the microbox.