Sweet Treats  LbNA # 32919

Placed DateJul 11 2007
LocationHumble, TX
Found ByStepping By Faith (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 11 2013


This is our first time to place a box!

Can you guess why we called it Sweet Treats?

Make sure you bring bug spray and water on your hunt for this box.

1. From Houston go 59N
2. Exit Will Clayton Pkwy. & turn right at first light.
3. Go 1.3 miles & turn right into 2nd entrance of Hilton C. Schott Park.
4. Park infront of the fire hydrant on left side of parking lot.

Now the fun begins: Follow the trail....

Stand in front of the hydrant take 38 steps to your right
Turn left and take 122 steps
Turn right and take 100 steps
Stop & Swing :)
Take 194 steps
Rest on bench if tired or hot
Take 186 steps
Dig between 2 drain pipes on S. side of bridge @ the Timber Challenge.