WI State Symbols - Grain  LbNA # 32923

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateJul 9 2007
LocationStevens Point, WI
Found By mamasama
Last Found Jun 19 2016
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 2-SEP-13 Clues updated.

Location: nadroJ kraP, a county park located 3.5 miles northeast of Stevens Point. Take exit 159 from Hwy 39/51. Take Hwy 66 to fork with Hwy Y, then take left fork on Y. Go .25 mile on Y, turn left on Jordan Road. Parking lot is on left, Nature Center is on right at corner of Y and Jordan.

Hiking time: Approximately 30 minutes roundtrip

Terrain: Level, pine needle trail.

This grain is used for everything from livestock feed, to ethanol fuel, to the cornerstone of a delectable summer barbecue. It was made the official state grain in 1989 to bring attention to its many uses.

Portage County is a leading producer of Wisconsin’s official state grain and you’ll probably pass some fields of it on your drive to the park. To find an image of this important crop, start at the trail behind the Nature Center. Take the first “Y” to the right, then make a choice at 15. You’d be best to take a walk on the wild side and then go straight at the next post. At the next trail sign, take the path at 250 degrees. It will curve to the left until you are heading in a southerly direction and you will pass a huge broken “V” on your right with a tangle of branches in front. At the next “T”, look for a 5-sister tree at 280 degrees. Surprisingly, the state grain can be found growing in the midst of these tree trunks!

Please reseal, replace and rehide everything carefully so this box is available for future visitors.

After stamping in, turn left at the “T”, then right at the next “T” and post. Continue straight at the next intersection to return to the Nature Center and the parking lot.

Since we don’t live in the area, status reports would be greatly appreciated!