Cunningham Tower  LbNA # 3294

Placed DateJun 9 2002
LocationCornwall, CT
Planted ByDave    
Found By Rubaduc
Last Found Jan 7 2008
Hike Distance?

Notice!! This box is was found damaged and is currently removed for rebuilding. Watch this post for announcement on its replacement. - K-9 Phantom

Location: Mohawk State Forest, Litchfield County, Connecticut
Time: It depends on how you want to negotiate it! It's only about two miles. If you drive most of the way -- 10 minutes. Hiking the whole way? Maybe 2 hours. You can leave the car at a number of places along the way and walk the rest. It's up to you!
Placed: 6/09/02
By: K9-Phantom

Go to the entrance of the State Forest, which is on Rt.4, near the Cornwall/West Goshen line. There is a parking area right off the highway, before the gate. There are options: you can hike, bike or drive -- almost the entire way to the box. It's a narrow, paved road, except for the very end -- which is dirt driveway/woods. Views along the way are spectacular year around.
Start at the gate at the entrance to the park,
Near the sign that says it closes at dark.
Keep low your speed, no matter the mode,
As you make your way down Toumey Road.

At 1.2 miles (you can't get lost),
You'll come to where the A-T once crossed.
Pull in and stop, you won't be sorry
To view the Berkshires in all their glory.

Continue on for two-tenths more;
"Halt!" the sign does strongly implore.
Go west! Ye seekers of the Quest!
(that's "right" for those more or less clueless...)

Go south at Strattman's old homestead,
There's good hiking here at a multi-trailhead,
And a parking lot for those that pine
For an outhouse, sans half-moon sign!

It's not far now; slow down your rate;
Pull in left past the twin stone pillars and gate.
Cross the road, and go around the portal;
Approach the tower cautiously, ye mere mortal!

Beware the glass from drunken vandals!
Mustn't blow out your favorite sandals!
Study the tower, it's sure not flimsy -
The object of one gentleman's whimsy.

To ask the smiling gargoyle he might say,
"The large white birch is on your way!"
Go there and veer right, it just makes sense
Since you'll want to encounter an old wire fence.

Remember, things aren't always as they seem.
Keep following the fence to your "pipe" dream!
Keep and open mind, and don't despair!
This ain't your usual Tupperware!

A word of caution -- listen to reason;
Watch your fingers during sneaky-snake season!

- K9-Phantom