Quilt Sampler (Updated 07.16.10)  LbNA # 32956 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTransient Toadstool    
Placed DateJul 13 2007
LocationGrove City, OH
Found By beardog
Last Found Nov 2 2011
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: easy, handicap accessible
Bring: Logbook, ink, pen, COMPASS

Please REPLACE each stamp as you find it, before looking for the next one. This will help keep each stamp in its correct hidden location for the next person.

Instructions -

Box #1 contains a LOG BOOK & the FIRST QUILT BLOCK STAMP. You may assemble your quilt however you like; I have included a stamped pattern as an example of how your quilt might look when completed.

Box #2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are micro boxes and each contain only a QUILT BOX STAMP. I could not see the need to provide a log for all these. Let’s face it, you can get real tired of stamping your signature stamp in (9) times. Just, take note, they are NOT hitchhikers to take.

Directions – These letterboxes are located in “Thomas Seeds Cemetery” First find the intersection of Rt. 665 and Hoover Rd. in the Grove City area. Take Hoover Rd., South. This small cemetery sits off the west side of the road. There is only a grassy area to pull off, in front of the gate. Enter gate and find an unusual rectangular headstone with (6) pieces of rock/headstones embedded in it. Stand facing headstone, take approximate coordinates as follows for each box from this headstone.

Box #1-Eight Point Star - (SW 255*) at it’s base.

Box #2-Flying Geese - (SW 195*) base of fence.

Box #3-Nine Patch - (SW 195*) at group of (3) base.

Box #4-Snowball – (NE 20*) base of brace.

Box #5-Log Cabin – (NE 15*) at foot of the tall Pink.

Box #6-Birds in the Air – (NW 335*) at it’s base.

Box #7-Shoo-fly – (SW 240*) at it’s base.

Box #8-Square in a Square – (NW 340*) to the fence row, intersects concrete & rocks.

Box #9-Pinwheel – (SW 220*) knee high.
Congratulations!! You have completed your ‘Quilt Sampler’.