Old Buzzards: Strength and Bashful  LbNA # 32983

Placed DateJul 14 2007
LocationBrentwood, TN
Found By 4Him
Last Found Jun 4 2013
Hike Distance?

***Update: Bashful is missing, but Strength is still in place***

From I-65 south of Nashville, take exit 71 (Hwy 253 or Concord Rd). Go west on Concord about 1/2 mile. Turn right on Franklin (Hwy 31), go about a mile. Turn left on Murray Lane, go about a mile. Bear right on Granny White Pike, go about 1/2 mile. Turn left on Belle Rive Dr, go about a mile. Continue on Johnson Chapel Rd. Turn right on Deerwood Ln. Drive to the end to the park. With your back to the outdoor classroom, view the trail map and then start out on the paved path, going to the left.

Old Buzzard: Strength
Not far you pass a #1 post, several unlabeled posts and a bench. Get to where it seems like the paved path is going to enter woods. Before you get to the woods tree line, look to the left and see #15, Black Cherry, down in the tree line. If you get to the #26, you went too far. Go down to the #15 and enter the woods there. About 6 steps into the woods, look to the left to the base of a cedar tree about 6 more steps to the left. The cedar looks like it has a root wrapped around the base of it. Box is under the root at the base of the cedar.

Old Buzzard: Bashful
Continue down the paved path until you get to a point where 2 dirt/ wood chip roads meet the paved path. Facing the 2 dirt roads, take the one to the right. 25 steps past theLittle Harpeth River View sign you see 2 thick trees about a foot apart on the right. The box is between these 2 thick trees. (It is across the path from 41 and 42.)

Continue around in the direction you were going, or backtrack the way you came for a 1 mile walk.