Hay Lake School Days  LbNA # 33009 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2007
LocationScandia, MN
Planted ByScout Snoopy    
Found By Eagle Eye
Last Found Aug 12 2007
Hike Distance?

Enuf time for one more game of Hide & Seek. Everyone else close your eyes tight while slowly counting to ten. NO peeking please! NO peeking pretty please, or you'll get stung by ten angry bees. Now see if you can find Christina, Carl and me. Don't forget to bring a book, a poetry pen and a few coloring brushes. Light yellow hair, pale blue eyes and fair pink to tan skin.

Miss Ryhmes says for you all to repeat this singing clue to a neat lively beat.

5 plus 2 pine trees
and 4 stones you see.

Resting on 1 knee
will help find us 3.

Crista, Carl and me
minding our A, B, Cs.

Head for your desk before Miss Ryhmes pulls the bell rope four or five times.
Once a Dunce Hat I too sorely wore. But thank you No No, never no more.