Dad's Tacklebox A.K.A. The Big Fish  LbNA # 33020 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Navigators    
Placed DateJul 7 2007
LocationFort Colliins, CO
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****Sadly,box is missing as of 1-04-08*****
Will replace soon......

This letterbox has been placed in memory of our father at one of his favorite fishing holes. It is a beautiful walk and not too strenuous. Bring a fishing pole or picnic meal. Sunset is the best time to go.

Begin your journey at the North Shields Wildlife Area.

Follow SW trail to left.

Looking to your right you will notice multiple ponds and marsh lands, continue down the trail. To your left in the distance you will see a place where they train K-9 dogs new tricks. This is also nature restoration in process...please tread lightly.

Continue until you hear the roar of the mighty Cache la Poudre river, head up the hill to the "captain's station", but don't turn the wheel.

Take a moment and stand and ponder, drink in the beauty, take a long deep breath of fresh air.

Now, turn back down the trail to the SE at 12 paces you will arrive at the end of a concrete wall, at the base of the wall in the roots and tall grass you will find a tip of a white and blue bobber. Nearby should be "Dad's Tacklebox", here should also be a candle for a "Sunday Picnic" located underneathe.

Sit on the bank for a spell and enjoi yourselves!!

Please email me with news on the condition of this box or if it goes missing.

Thanks for stopping by....