Pemaquid Point  LbNA # 33026

Placed DateJul 13 2007
LocationBristol, ME
Found By ironingqueen
Last Found Aug 25 2007
Hike Distance?

(We placed this box during our annual July visit to Maine. We are unable to attend to it till July of '08. IF POSSIBLE, bring another lg zip lock bag with you to replace the old one in case it needs it. Thanks!!!! :-) )

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is located at the south end of the finger of land separating Johns Bay and Muscongus Bay.
Lattitude 43.8366
Longitude -69.5066
If you do an internet search for Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine you will find great directions and a map.

From Highway 1 Business Route in Damariscotta, turn south on Highway 129. Drive almost 3 miles to the intersection of Highway 129/130. Take Highway 130 south for 11.7 miles to Pemaquid. You will see the lighthouse as you pull into the parking lot.

Wear sneakers or sturdy sandals so you can hike around on the rocks.

This letterbox hunt is NOT stroller friendly. Kids can do it if accompanied by parents (An 8 yr old did it easily this summer.).

Here are the clues - have fun!

At the lighthouse to Pemaquid, you will arrive.
Into the parking lot you ought to drive.

Park in the lot and get out of your car.
The lighthouse box is not really that far.

Look nearby for a fence of chain link.
Out of your water bottle, take a big drink.

Now you are ready for some fun in the sun.
Your search for the letterbox has officially begun.

Along the fence you must walk toward the sea,
Down, down, down till the end you will see.

Yes, the end of the fence, now do a right turn.
90 degrees - you'll see the sea as it churns.

Walk straight ahead, 80 paces or so.
It's not a hard walk, thought it's not for bare toes.

Walk this way till the light house on top,
is ahead of your right shoulder, then stop-stop-stop!

Turn your body again, 90 degrees to the right,
With your eyes and your nose toward the Pemaquid Light.

Now the going gets tough, walk up, up, and up.
Just lean into the rocks, it's not really that rough.

About straight ahead, you'll see some holes to hide,
A letterbox, all snug and dry inside.

We've covered it up with a handful or rocks.
A clump of grass sprouts up near the box.

Look up and you'll see 4 rock ledges a'leaning,
You'll know you're in the right place for box gleaning.

Move the small rocks and reach into the space.
We hope that this hunt put a smile on your face!

Please seal it real tight and rehide it well,
'Cause kids are around, plus those ocean waves swell!