Sunny Days Ahead  LbNA # 33027

Placed DateJul 13 2007
LocationDamariscotta, ME
Found By artsychick
Last Found Sep 25 2014
Hike Distance?

(We planted this box on our annual Maine visit summer 2007 and are unable to attend to it til next July. If possible, bring along another lg. ziplock bag in case the original bag needs replacement. This would be a great help to us. Thanks!!!! :-) )

Main Street in Damariscotta is also Business Route 1. Go to the south end of Maine Street (Near the bridge over the Damariscotta River).

At the south end of Main Street is a flashing yellow light. BEAR LEFT here .

Go another 0.1 miles and BEAR LEFT again. Be careful to not miss this bear-left!! (There will be a large yellow-siding hotel on your left overlooking the river).

Stay left toward the Booth Bay Region.

Go exactly 3.2 miles down this road (don't look for a road sign, there isn't one!). Just watch the odometer carefully. It is a pretty drive.

On the left you will see the sign for Dodge Point - Public Reserved Land.

This letterbox is stroller-friendly, kid friendly, dog friendly and elderly-friendly. You WILL want to bring bug spray if you plan on doing the whole hike.

The letterbox will be found at the very beginning of the hike.

Park your car and walk over to the map kiosk. As you face the kiosk, look to your left and you will see a trail sign.

Go to the left trail sign and stand there.
From this place walk 26 paces down the trail.

You will end at the first trail blaze.
Look off to your left just off the trail a few paces.

You will see a medium sized boulder partly covered with moss.
Walk around to the back of the boulder and underneath 5-6 branches, tree limbs you will find Sunny Days Ahead.

Please re-hide well.

We are only able to check on this box once a year. So if it is missing or needing help, please contact us. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU IF YOU HAVE FOUND THIS LETTERBOX. TELL ME HOW IT IS DOING!