Lil' Campfire  LbNA # 33054

Placed DateJul 14 2007
LocationNashville, IN
Planted ByUncle Bubba    
Found By Cricket's Crew
Last Found Oct 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Lil’ Campfire is located in Beautiful Brown County State Park. You can enter the park from either North or the West entrance. This letterbox was planted during a family camping trip in July of 2007.

Once you enter the park, get a park map from the Gate Attendant and proceed to Ogle Lake. Ogle Lake is located at the bottom of a long steep hill and has a large parking lot with plenty of parking available. Built by the Civil Conservation Corp. in 1934 Ogle Lake is a 17 acre lake that is open for fishing (with a license) and is stocked with Bass and Bluegill. So, bring a pole and a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

You will begin your search at the East end of the Ogle Lake parking lot. There you will find a sign reads “Begin Trail 7” at the bottom of some stone stairs. Please excuse my language here, however since these stairs are on the dam, I can only imagine that they are called the “Dam Stairs”. Proceed forward up the “Dam Stairs” stairs to the top of the Ogle Lake dam.

Turning to your right, you will find the “Dam Path” also known as Trail #7. This is a gravel path which will take you South to the other end of the dam. At this point you find that the “Dam Path” (Trail #7) will head down off of the dam to your left and continue on around Ogle Lake. Now, I wish that I could tell to follow this path. But that is not the case. Sorry.

When get to the end of the dam, look straight ahead to the South for a post with the number “9” on it. Now the Parks Department made a mistake when placing this trail marker. If you look at it closely, you will notice that it was an “8” originally and someone changed it to a “9”. To be real honest with I am not sure if it is trail “8” or trail “9”, but either way it is the trial that you want to follow.

Proceed on Trail “8/9” through the quick switchback and continue uphill. Up, up and up you will go. Look for a large dead tree on your Left with a Big Hole in it. Don’t bother looking inside I didn’t place the letterbox in there it was too spooky looking.

Continue on up past an area on your right that has a lot of fallen trees above the trail. After about 2/10’s of a mile and when your lungs are burning and your calves are tight the trail will level out somewhat and take a turn to the Left or East. Stop at this point, take a breath and ponder why you are putting yourself through this torture. Ah, it’s good for you, and after all there is the thrill of the hunt.

Now look over your right shoulder to the West. You will find the faint trace of an old fire road which is heading uphill and directly opposite of the trail. Follow this fire road.

If you look down as you are walking uphill and wheezing, like I did, you will eventually come across some flat moss covered rocks. From these rocks continue uphill approximately another 25 paces. You come to the top of the hill and a round clearing. The top of the hill has a mossy floor.

Go to the center of this clearing and look to your right or North. Look for a dead tree that is broken off at about 20’ up.

In the base of this tree you will find Lil’ Campfire. Let this hand carved stamp serve as a reminder to you NOT to play with matches. Like Smokey the Bear says “Only you can prevent forest fires” and “When camping, no smoking in bed, the sleeping bag you burn may be your wife”.

Please sign the log book and return it back to it’s hiding place. Then send me an e-mail and let me know if the flame is still burning.