Memorial Cypress Trail and Tree Box  LbNA # 33063 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDelta Dawn    
Placed DateJul 14 2007
LocationSan Marcos, TX
Found By Lucky Libra
Last Found Apr 26 2008
Hike Distance?

This is one of a series of letterboxes being placed in Raymond Lucio Park. The others placed include: Baseball is Fun, Memorial Cypress Tree, San Marcos Park and Wildlife Habitat and Kayak Fun.

To get to the park you will come to San Marcos via I35. From the Austing direction you will take the CM ALLan exit and turn near the baseball fields, parking near the baseball fields in a small parking lot that is next/below to I 35.
From the San Antonio direction you would take the Hwy 80 exit and using the turn around will get on the access road of I35 heading south. At the baseball fields, turn right and then right, parking near the baseball fields in a small parking lot that is next/below to I 35.
For specific st. address it is 801 CM Allen Parkway. Park in the small parking lot next to I 35.

After having picked up the previous boxes and you are at the San Marcos Park and Habitat marker (700 Cheatham st)
You will follow the trail to the left of the marker (with the marker to your back) head up a hill and follow the trail to the right (it goes in a circle) taking the path to the right you will come to the 1st bench cove on the river with a planted memorial cypress try for Sheri De Camp. When sitting on the bench is an large fallen tree with many pockets for letterboxes. The on on the left toppish area is the one you will look under bark.

You can take the trail back and either go the path you came or take the small circle around the rest of the cypress memorial area.
This is a great expediation and park for several boxes and a fun outing/picnic. Traffic is usually low but may be higher on holidays.

Happy letterboxing and let me know the status. More boxes will be planted in the san marcos area through out the summer 07.

7/12/08 replaced.