Sealed With A Fish (Bozeman)  LbNA # 33074

Placed DateJul 16 2007
LocationBozeman, MT
Planted ByMontana    
Found By AslansKirk
Last Found Aug 13 2012
Hike Distance?

Sealed With A Fish

-Handicap Accessible
-Easy, Paved, Level Trail
-Multiple Fishing Accesses
-Camp Grounds
-Sitting Benches
-Pet Friendly
-Family Friendly

Langhor Loop Accessible Trail is the location of our Letterbox. It is at the north end of the Langhor Campgrounds on the banks of Hyalite Creek. To reach this area follow these driving directions*:

-From Main Street and 19th Ave. in Bozeman, drive south on 19th Ave., which becomes South 19th Rd., seven miles to Hyalite Canyon Road on the left- turn left.
-Continue 5.9 miles to the signed turnoff at Langhor Campground. (you will be able to see the camp below before the actual turnoff)
-Turn right and make an immediate right again, keep right at the fork (the parking lot is a loop), heading to the signed trail head & parking area 0.1 mile ahead.

...ANNND now for the fun part!!!


1. As you park you should notice a large rock formation and a piece of metal artwork. If you do you are in the right place.

2. Cross the bridge to officially begin the search.

3. When you arrive at a fork in the path bear right.

4. Continue past the two fishing accesses.**

5. Make sure to stay on the paved path which will lead you to the letter box.***

6. Find a split log meant to sit down and take a quick rest on.

7. Look straight ahead and walk to the tall pine tree but dont let it STUMP you!

8. Turn to your right and take 9 paces or 18 steps heel to toe.

9. Look right again towards the fallen pine below and poke around to find the hidden letterbox.

*Driving instructions taken from Day Hikes Around Bozeman Montana

**The fishing accesses are great for beginner fishers and even those more experienced fishers.

***There are a few different dirt trails that lead off the paved path that would expand the hike to a more difficult level.