Hobbies In East Haddam--Devil's Hopyard  LbNA # 33094

Placed DateJul 12 2007
LocationEast Haddam, CT
Planted Byreds10    
Found By burning feet
Last Found May 14 2015
Hike Distance?

*On 4/25/09, we searched and found each of the boxes. We replaced the notebooks in each box. The directions have been updated due to changes (e.g., fallen trees & new trail signs). Thank you for checking out our letterbox!*


Our cousins from Cape Cod, Massachusetts came over to the middle-of-nowhere (our house) for a visit. We introduced them to Letter Boxing, and they loved it. We decided to surprise them by making a Letter Boxing account, and boy, were they surprised! We made our box theme hobbies-ballet, baseball, singing, horses, and babysitting. This was also our first time making stamps, so they might not come out as well as some other stamps. We hope you have fun! --Don't forget to cover the boxes back up tightly so they won't get wet!

**No Ink Pads are in the boxes. You must bring your own Ink Pad. Thank You!**

The Prima Ballerina:

Find the Covered Bridge at the Picnic Area

Cross the bridge

Take loop trail

Stay straight and the trail becomes slightly hilly

Trail levels off about 60 ft ahead

You will see two logs about 2 feet long on the right that are forming a “V”

The Prima Ballerina is behind an oak tree about 20 feet in from the logs.

The Yankee Shrine:

Go back to loop trail

Take Blue Trail to the left

Go up 16 large steps to rectangular rock jutting up in the middle of the path

To the left, there is a tree with a rock in front of it.

The Yankee Shrine is below the rock.

(She Might Even Be A) Rock Star!:

Continue on Blue Trail up the hill, and over a large rock covering part of the path

When you come to the first pine tree with branches over the path, look for a group of 3 sisters oak trees just to the right of the pine tree.

Rock Star is in between the trees.

The Equestrian Obsession:

Continue on the Blue Trail to a sign that says “Vista 1.17” and “Blue Loop”

Look ahead to your right and find a blue board on a large oak tree.

Go towards the tree about 10 paces until you find a fallen tree on your right.

The Equestrian Obsession is in the rotten trunk next to the fallen log.


Continue up the Trail about 200 paces.

At the next blue board on a tree, you will cross an old stone wall on the side of the path.

Continue on up past a number of large fallen trees to your right.

You'll find tower of rocks at the next stone wall. A large fallen tree points to this rock tower

TLC is at the base of the tower.


*~*You have found all of our boxes! To get back to the picnic tables, you can continue up and around the blue loop, or turn around and return to the bridge.*~*

Please contact us and tell us how our clues are.