Ever Vacant Hitchhiker Hostel  LbNA # 33096 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 17 2007
LocationColumbia, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
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This is my first HHH and it is located in the bird sanctuary where my health series is located, as well as Happy Turtle and Quilt Blocks. (I'm trying to keep the name of the place outa the clue if I can, to keep it from coming up on a web search.)

It's a short hike because I want to be able to check in on it more often than if it was longer. About 15 or 20 minutes from the car, and you'll be there.

Go past the red barn in between two ponds. After passing the ponds, go right. Shortly, you'll see a nice footbridge to your left. Go across it. At the next fork, go right, towards "3" and "5." You'll pass another, newer bridge that's on your right. Take the Woodpecker trail when you get to that point. Cross the second bridge and go on up the hill. To the right is a bench on a dead-end. Go left here. Look for the cut log on the trail. You'd have to walk right through it to continue on the trail, but don't. Instead, wrestle your way over the piece on your left-hand side. Be careful. Look in behind that log underneath the stump that is still standing. In towards the left side of that stump is a nice opening just perfect for this large box, but it's covered well with large pieces of bark.

1. Please be sure to leave the hostel's logbook and stamp in the box; do not take them with you. But of course, stamp into the book, and add the stamp image to your book.
2. Feel free to get all the hitchhiker stamps into your book, or as many as you want.
3. Please DO NOT stamp into the logbook of any hitchhiker that you're not taking with you.
4. Please replace all hitchhikers that you take. Put in however many you take out. You may take them all if you'd like, as long a you replace them all. The hostel started out with nine hitchhikers and it would be great if there are always nine or more there. If you want to get rid of any hitchhikers you have, they are more than welcome here in this ever-vacant hostel.
5. Please help me to keep this box hidden well from muggles on the trail. :)

Please be very sure to push this box far back into the hole and cover it well. When you've finished, just go back the way you came and enjoy the new stamps in your logbook! :)