Wyckoff Gardens  LbNA # 33117

Placed DateJul 17 2007
LocationWyckoff, NJ
Found By Mim
Last Found Jun 13 2014
Hike Distance?

Wyckoff Gardens at the intersection of Wyckoff Ave and crescent Ave.
Park in the parking lot.
Find the wooden bridge that is to the right of the gazebo.
Watch out for geese droppings!
Take the "Pond Trail" which begins at the bridge (look for turtles and frogs.)
At the large red maple (marked) tree take the trail to the left.
Keep to the trail next to the pond (keep the pond to your right), and watch out for poisin ivy. You will soon reach a clearing.
Look for the Pin oak sign and veer left at that trail.
You will soon find a gravel path.
Take 10 steps and you will see a tree on your left with exposed roots.
Looking at the tree, find the bottom right side roots and look under some rocks and there you will find the box you seek.