Rock Creek Pool Path Box  LbNA # 33123

Placed DateJul 13 2007
LocationAlbemarle, NC
Planted Byblessedfamilyof6    
Found By crawling kavs
Last Found Sep 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Heading East or West on Highway 24/27 once you reach the Albemarle city limits, you will need to look for and take the "Norwood/Wadesboro" exit which is also "South (highway) 52".

If you were just heading east on 24/27 as soon as you take the Norwood/Wadesboro exit and go down the off ramp to the stoplight, the Rock Creek Park sign will be immediately to your right. Head into the park and take an immediate left behind the Rock Creek Park Sign "Island" and follow the rest of the clues down below . . .

If you were just heading west on Highway 24/27, once you take the Norwood/Wadesboro South 52 exit ramp you will go to the ramp stop sign and take a left, go under the overpass, and you will see the Rock Creek Park sign just past the stoplight on your right, go through this stoplight and take a right into the park property and take an immediate left after the Rock Creek Park sign "Island" and follow the rest of the clues down below...

THE CLUES DOWN BELOW: now that you have successfully entered Rock Creek Park, go to the parking lot that is directly across from the playground and the bridge. Park anywhere here and cross the creek using the footbridge. Continue straight once you've crossed the bridge (you'll be walking beside the tennis courts) until you reach the bank at the pool, now turn left and head uphill gradually alongside the pool house until you reach the path/beginnings of a service road into the woods. Stop here and locate the chain link fence and go up the path 50/60 steps until you reach a debris pile, go just past the debris and head right on the little path at an angle to the original path you just traversed. Go 30 steps on this little path to a little wooden bridge and reach under the bridge on the near side. Hooray- you've found our Pool Path box that abounds with love. Happy trails and don't forget to find our other box in this same park!