Bald Uncle  LbNA # 33155

Placed DateJul 18 2007
LocationBrookville, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
Found By ceREALkiller_GraveRobbers
Last Found Jul 24 2010
Hike Distance?

This is one of my favorite stamps I've ever carved, and so I'm feeling a little anxious about where I planted it. The image came from a neat little book of my daughter's. Hopefully, it'll be okay where it is, but if I find a better spot to hide it in, I'm moving it! haha! Well, you see, I was talking to my uncle Boyd about our lovely hobby and showed him this stamp. I said that I needed to find a patriotic place to put it, like, for example, a cemetery with a military/veteran's area. He said, "Oh, there's one in Brookville." So we trekked down there to find the place, and it wasn't quite what I was expecting, but since we were there, I was determined to find a hiding spot. And I did.

From the main drag in Brookville, turn west onto St. Mary's Rd. heading outa town. You'll go over a bridge that is overtop of a train track and a river. The road meanders around for a mile or so and you'll see the cemetery on both sides of the road. You need to be on the left-hand side. You'll see the veteran's circle with the (presently) flagless flag pole. Read about the soldier on the back side of the big stone in the middle. Interesting story, God rest his soul. Next, find the caretaker's place, and drive back behind it towards the line of pine trees. On the other side of those trees is a paved track? road? driveway? that leads to a gate at the foot of the big ol' hill there. The paved path comes to a dead end right at the gate. Between you and the paved path are lots of white rocks. Go to the gate, and notice the wooden fencing to the right. At the corner where the wooden fence and the wire fence come together is where the rocks stop. About a foot this side of the fence, and about a foot to the left of the wood/wire junction, start moving the rocks and find our Bald Uncle. Please, oh please!, when you put him back, be sure the box is absolutely not visible from any direction, and try to make it so that there is not a "hill" created by piling the rocks up. Gimme a holler when you've visited him, and have a nice hunt! :)