Lupin's Lookout, first in the Forbidden Forest Gro  LbNA # 33172 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 16 2007
LocationJamestown, NC
Planted Bytravelingjews    
Found By masterpiece
Last Found Sep 15 2007
Hike Distance?

8/5/08 Box removed to service it. Back soon.

Enter Jamestown Park through the main entry, the one with the large Jamestown Park sign. The road that leads to the golf course and tennis courts. Park in the lot to the right. Walk down to and cross East Fork Road to the sign for the Bicentennial Greenway. Be careful – traffic is fast through here and the visibility is limited. Walk into the woods on the trail and the Greenway will be ahead. Take the Greenway to the right. Follow this paved trail past the 1.5 marker and continue until just before the Greenway crosses East Fork Road where there will be a sign on your left with a map of the trails through the woods.

Take the Deep River Trail. This will wind through the woods along City Lake. As you follow the trail you will cross bridges, walk over fallen trees and, Watch Out!, under fallen trees. Take one of the side trails down to the lake and feed the ducks or drop a line in the water. Trail markers with red and white circles will mark the main trail. Following the main trail again you will come to an area that looks like Grawp played pickup sticks with the trees. Keep going.

When you cross the third bridge, the marked trail will turn to the right but another trail goes to the left. Follow the left. Shortly, to the left of the trail, you will see a twin-tree that seems to have suffered a reaction to Fever Fudge and broken out in boils. Rest your back in the crotch of the tree and look straight ahead across the trail. You will be looking at where Lupin is hiding. He chose this spot because he was reminded of Fluffy, Hagrid's 3-headed dog.