Mid-day Cottage  LbNA # 33174 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJul 14 2007
LocationAlexandria, MN
Found By Bug Bug & Boo Boo
Last Found Aug 25 2007
Hike Distance?

NOTE: It seems that the stump it was originally hidden in has been replaced by a tree and the box has gone missing. I'll update the clue if and when I can get it replanted.

Head to the park of the mid-day sun
And find a cottage for a little fun.

A little girl's fairy tale house of play
In this place you cannot stay.

Around you must go to the other side
For over there the box doth hide.

Find a place where you could take shelter
When teh mid-day sun does swelter.

Where there are gardens there are gardeners so don't look right here
But the box is VERY near.

Go closer--look around--the flowers are grand.
Find a place where a tree used to stand.

You have to look below the level of the ground
For in this spot the box can be found.

when you are done be sure to be stealthy
so this box can remain a long time and healthy

be sure to cover it and hide it completely
everything you do should be done discretely

no box should suffer from improper re-hidation
lost boxes are such a point of frustration

do your part to help elongate its life
so future boxers be spared lost box strife

please be sure to let me know
how it is your search did go

on lbna use contact the placer
so as to leave a bit of a tracer