Peak of Inspiration  LbNA # 33176

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJul 14 2007
CountyOtter Tail
LocationUrbank, MN
Found By schaffs
Last Found Aug 12 2012
Hike Distance?

Find a place where inspiration peaks
This is where the box you seeks

Find the sign that tells the tale
Head up the path--go up, up the trail

Thank goodness they've put a couple of benches to rest
To get to the top you'll have to do your best

Partway up, to help you, a handrail
Take a brake if you start feeling pale

We were suprised it was such a steep hike
You'd never be able to do it by bike

When you reach the top admire the view
And be glad what's behind you you don't have to again do

Down the other path when you are through resting
Back into the woods where birds are probably nesting

When you come to the speed bumps be sure to slow
Soon you must choose the right way to go

Right off the path a couple of trees
But behind it you will look, if you please

Find a tree taking a nap
And on the down hill side see what's in its lap

When you are done be sure to be stealthy
So this box can remain a long time and healthy

Be sure to cover it and hide it completely
Everything you do should be done discretely

No box should suffer from improper re-hidation
Lost boxes are such a point of frustration

Do your part to help elongate its life
So future boxers be spared lost box strife

Please be sure to let me know
How it is your search did go

On LBNA use contact the placer
So as to leave a bit of a tracer