American Eagle Day  LbNA # 33181

Placed DateJun 20 2007
LocationSchulenburg, TX
Planted By4anglers    
Found By Liberty Girl
Last Found Jul 13 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 13 2015

Placed by: Tejas Angel (4Anglers)

This LB is in honor of "American Eagle Day," which is June 20th. To learn more about the American Eagle, go to You also can learn about the American Eagle Foundation at this site.

This LB is located in Wolters Park in Schulenburg, Texas. (The Schulenburg Festival is held here every 1st weekend in August. That weekend would probably make it impossible to be discreet.)

Directions: Schulenburg is about 100 miles west of Houston via I-10. Take the Hwy 77 exit, make a left heading south (Kessler Ave). Go a few miles down Kessler Ave (Hwy 77), passing Hwy 90, till you reach Baumgarten St. and make a right. Go about 4 blocks till you reach Bohlman St. Wolters Park is at the south end of Bohlman Street.

Clues: Once parked, find the American Legion Hall (Turner Hall), to the right of the playground. The hall is a very large white building with an American flag painted on top of its front. (This building reminds me of the Alamo for some reason.) This building was built 1886, then moved here in 1937. This had to be some feat because of how big this building is. Anyway, back to the clues. Find the Texas Historical Marker in front of the building and read all about the Hall's history. Facing the Hall, turn right, walk around to the back side of the building, passing a large oak growing in the sidewalk. Find the concrete steps with the large old siding doors in front of them. The LB is behind the steps on the left side. Be discreet. Week days would make this easier. Reseal and rehide well.

Happy Hunting!