Who Goes There Box #1  LbNA # 33185

Placed DateJul 2 2007
LocationSinnemahoning, PA
Planted Bykampfire kids    
Found By True Indigo
Last Found Oct 4 2008
Hike Distance?

Begin your search in a lake of asphalt by a lake of H-2-O,
Away from the home of America’s wings you must go.

Upstream against the flow of pavement you fight.
But not far - a path in the woods to your right.

Painted steel piping now becomes your guide.
Make sure you keep it to your right-hand side.

Count the uprights, be sure to stop at twelve.
Into the woods to your left you must delve.

Beneath a mammoth Tsuga Canadensis your quarry does lie.
Now be careful that its contents doesn’t take to the sky.

Take markers along for the stamp.

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