Pirates Only!  LbNA # 33187 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 17 2007
LocationLake Havasu City, AZ
Planted ByDesert Pirates    
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Pirates Only!

Arrrrr!! This here box be for Real Pirates only... no landlubbers if you please!!!
It can only be reached by those brave enough to sail the inland seas.

Sail yer vessel up river-- through the bonnie Topock Gorge.
Ye'll have to work a bit if ye want this treasure to be yours.

Pass Cathedral Rock and River Island, trim yer sails and make no wake
Go ye slow through Devil's Elbow, for many lives this river can take

Look off to starboard, matey-- and a big lagoon ye'll see,
it's filled with logs and rocks and bones, navigate most carefully.

Make yer way toward the tower rock...an island spire of sorts.
Rising from the lake like a sentinel--off to the captain's port.

Moor along the brushy shore, on the south side of the rock,
You're mighty close to the treasure now, 'tis a chest without a lock.

Watch for snakes and scorpions as you scramble up the cliff.
An' make sure yer crew stays on board to guard yer pirate skiff.

Between two giant boulders, a cave ye might just find.
If ye don't see the bejeweled treaure chest, then surely ye be blind.

Inside ye'll find the usual stuff, a logbook and a stamp.
Help yerself to a piece o' the plunder--ye found it, ye'r a Piratical Letterboxing champ!