Who Goes There Box #3  LbNA # 33191

Placed DateJul 3 2007
LocationSinnemahoning, PA
Planted Bykampfire kids    
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Your search begins as you run along Brooks,
To an elevated Ridge with many outlooks.

Heading north 6.7 miles you must ride
To a broad meadow where Vaccinium hide.

As you go take time to enjoy each charming view
Past scenic verandas and dusty paths, too.

First Square Timber, then Stillhouse (along this trail don’t go)
Norcross Run and a few anonymous vistas end the show.

Now, if on the left a small brown cabin is in sight
You’ll have to go back half a mile, search to the right.

Pull into the meadow and leave your ride here
Then walk the Ridge on foot, your treasure is near.

South on Ridge carefully move your feet
On the right watch for a small patch of a berry bear treat

Behind this small patch a giant Quercus velutina tree
You’ll know you are there if it’s split in three.

At the base of this triad you will take pleasure
For nestled within the hidden treasure.

Take along markers for the stamp. Insect repellent highly recommended.

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