Los Altos Art Parables  LbNA # 33199 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 19 2007
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLong Beach, CA
Planted ByThe McGuire Girls    
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found Jun 4 2009
Hike Distance?

At the Los Altos Shopping Center where Stearns Avenue intersects Bellflower Boulevard, there are several large steel sculptures of animals. But unless you have walked along the sidewalk on Stearns, you have missed the delightful parables of the snake, the cat and the dog. The stories are stamped into the sidewalk. Between each section of the story, there are colorful mosaic illustrations.

The storywalk for this parable begins at the northwest corner of the road that runs between the north and south sections of the shopping center (at the light, near the Rite Aid). The parable begins: "Once there was a cat who prowled the night. How beautiful are the moon and stars thought the cat."

Before you leave home, solve the numeric cryptogram below by numbering the letters in the portion of the parable given above. Here's the first two words to get you started: O-1 N-2 C-3 E-4 T-5 H-6 E-X R-7 E-x... (The E's in "there" are given X's because E was assigned the value of 4 in the word "once".)

12-1-1-K 14-2 11-12-9-2-5 16-9-10-4 1-18 18-14-7-10-5 11-9-12-19 5-7-4-4 8-4-10-5 1-18 13-1-15-10 11-12-9-2-5-4-7.

SNAKE (missing as of 10/7/07...will replace)
The storywalk for this parable begins at the southeast corner of Bellflower and Stearns, near CVS and Borders Books. Read snake's parable. At the end, snake says "Even the wisest can always learn one more thing." Starting there, walk back past Cat's planter and the three mosaic benches. Stop at the phrase "shedding your skin is a symbol of renewal." Turn to your left. Walk across the grass area. The letterbox is hidden under the bushes on the left near the long grasses. We were hoping that coyote had a den nearby and would guard our letterbox!

We hope you enjoyed these whimsical tales. This is our first set of letterboxes. Please let us know if you find them!