Forty Oaks  LbNA # 33220 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 20 2007
LocationClarkston, GA
Planted Bythecelticknot    
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***** Update!*******
Box has gone missing as of mid-May 2008. Possibly snatched...:(

Forty Oaks is a nature preserve found in Clarkston, GA, a small community outside of Atlanta with a large immigrant and refugee population. The intention of this preserve is to restore this creekside section of Clarkston to its natural state before invasive species like kudzu were introduced.

To get to the park that this box is in, look up 3867 Norman Rd. Clarkston, GA on mapquest. Some of the other mapping sites don't work.

Start in Milam Park. Park anywhere and walk to Pavilion Two. On the far side of Pvilion Two, there is a small playground by itself and a bridge. Cross this bridge to enter Forty Oaks Nature Preserve. After the bridge, bear right and follow the trial closest to the creek, that is to say, the 'riparian corridor.' Keep right at all intersections. After the third intersection, begin looking on your left for a charred tree that looks as though it might have been struck by lightening. Forty Oaks Letterbox is hidden in the base of that tree, behind a large rock. By the way, if you see a raised manhole cover inches off the trail to your left, you've gone to far. Happy Hunting, hope you enjoy the park as much as we do.