Baseball Box  LbNA # 33246

Placed DateJul 21 2007
CountyLos Angeles
LocationGlendale, CA
Planted ByTeam Guzik    
Found By May Amelia
Last Found Mar 15 2009
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: As of 2/1/09 Box is Alive and Well! We relocated it to another area of the park due to the fact that the bush that the box was near is dead and gone.

This is the very first letterbox planted by Team Guzik so lower your expectations here. There's no fancy handcarved stamp and I'm fairly sure this one is easy to find, but my eight and five year olds thought we did an "awesome" job.

To find the box, you will need to make your way up to the Scholl Canyon baseball fields way up on Glenoaks Blvd. in Glendale, CA. Enjoy the short, but windy scenic drive. You may see some deer or coyote along the way.

Once you arrive, park your car and make your way to the Southern most part of the lot over by the baseball fields. If it's not an overcast day, take a moment to take a look around you and enjoy the view. Scholl Canyon can be simply breathtaking. Imagine the luck of having kids who get to play baseball there!

Once you are in the Southern part of the Parking lot by the fields, find the "yellow brick road" and follow it to Lightpole #3. Tred carefully. Scholl is known to have a rattlesnake or two wander out to the fields every now and then.

At Lightpole #3, there will be a scoreboard directly to your right. Continue on to the next light pole that is directly in front of you.

From here, locate the place where you might find "dogs" at the park. Proceed past this area, staying to the right and continue toward the chainlink fence.

Pass the "yellow diamonds" and continue on to the "yellow crown."

At the "yellow crown", turn and face the lightpole directly to the right. Now proceed onto the asphalt path and starting at that lightpole, go 40 paces. Be careful as you approach "danger" on your left. Continue down to the red diamonds.

From the red diamonds, go to the fifth tree on the right. There, in its hiding place is what you are seeking.

Please be sure to replace the box and carefully cover it. The baseball fields get lots of foot traffic, so be stealth!